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It’s very exciting to finally find the floor covering of your dreams, but without the right flooring installation service, your investment could potentially be in danger. A good quality installation means your peace of mind will remain long after your floors have been installed. There are many reasons to opt for the professional installation as opposed to a DIY project, and we’re going to talk a little bit about the reasons. If you have questions about why this is so important, simply visit us, as your local flooring installation provider.

Your flooring installation service can make a big difference

A flooring installation service is the best way to make sure your investment is protected. With certain materials, proper installation is the most important part of your flooring experience. Carpet, for example, as well as solid hardwood flooring and porcelain tile should only be installed by professionals. However, it’s always a good idea to leave this job to the professionals, no matter what flooring material you settle on for your home. Even laminate and luxury vinyl, which are known to be easy DIY materials, are always better when installed by professionals. You spend plenty of time researching your prospective floor covering and visiting the showroom to see them for yourself. It only makes sense to take advantage of a great flooring installation service when it’s available. We make sure every product is installed to perfection but also installed according to your standards for the project ahead. There might be things you need to or can do before your flooring installation that will help your installers to get finished quickly and efficiently. For instance, cleaning, moving furniture, cleaning out closets if the flooring will be installed there, and making sure electrical outlets are available for tools.



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East Texas Floors is proud to serve resid We are family-owned and operated and enjoy the opportunity to serve our community. You can visit us at our showroom in Tyler, Texas whenever you’re in the area. Just come in and speak with one of our professional, experienced associates who can help get your flooring project underway, no matter what your needs. Enjoy our extensive material selection and hear more about the services we offer.