Top trends for kitchen flooring

Top trends for kitchen flooring

When remodeling your kitchen, choosing the flooring can be one of the most difficult decisions. While it’s easy to know what you don’t want, it can be more difficult to decide what you do want. Check out the up-and-coming flooring trends for 2015.

Tri-Color Wood Flooring

While this trend might be surprising to some, at East Texas Floors, we understand the true value of hardwood and mimicked hardwood. Tri-color hardwood involves lighter and darker hues to achieve a more rustic look. The best way to get this look is by installing laminate that mimics wood, so that it is water resistant and can handle more scratches.

Light Color Flooring

While last year saw the rise of black cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, etc., 2015 will see a rise in white and beige tile and laminate. Light flooring is preferred in kitchens as it offers a clean and airy appearance, and it can even make your kitchen look larger!

Warm, Muted Tile Colors

Rustic kitchens are in this year! Warm, muted tile helps provide that “country kitchen” feel and atmosphere. Ceramic tile is a great choice for its resistance to water and stains. It can also be easily cleaned.

East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas is the leader in top trends that increase value in your home. For more information on our flooring options, contact us today!