Top carpeting trends for 2015

Top carpeting trends for 2015

If your New Year’s resolution including revamping your carpet, now is a great time to begin. You may not have made flooring choices in quite some time, but there are some exciting new trends headed our way this year.

Bold Colors

Carpet isn’t just about boring beige anymore, it is now about taking risks with your color choices. With this trend, colors like purple, orange, and even green become eye-catching carpeting colors. This allows you to set the tone of the room with your carpet, but make sure it is in a room that can handle the boldness. This is good in hall and stair runners, as well as designer rooms.


New techniques by manufacturers and an affinity for retro designs have brought patterns back! We don’t mean slight patterns either, we’re talking bold and obvious designs. Whether it is ordered shapes or zigzags, this carpeting truly draws the eye.

Green Carpets

Though the color green is an option (see the bold colors trend), we’re talking about eco-friendly flooring. Organic and natural flooring options are popular as they provide an elemental feel to the room. This extends to organic designs displaying flowers, leaves, or other designs found in nature.

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