Pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring

Pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring

Once you decide to replace your flooring, the options can be so vast that it takes time to discover which would work best for you. Before making a decision, make sure you carefully weigh the options. Below we have compiled the best points about sheet vinyl options.

Pros of sheet vinyl

• As a softer option than tile or wood, vinyl is backed with felt/foam depending on the manufacturer. This makes it easier to stand on, whether you’re cleaning up or cooking dinner for your family.

• Sheet vinyl comes in a huge assortment of colors and styles, including styles that look just like wood or stone. Vinyl is most often more affordable than these options, providing the same look for a smaller costs.

• Vinyl is resistant to most dirt and water, making it a very long-lasting option. Combined with the minimum amount of maintenance required, sheet vinyl is certainly the easiest option after installation.

Cons of sheet vinyl

• One of the biggest cons of sheet vinyl is that it can be very difficult for homeowners to install on their own. It should always be installed by a professional to ensure accuracy and ultimate maintenance. The subfloor also can pose a challenge to those not familiar with best flooring practices.

• The spongy, softer texture of vinyl can be damaged by glass breaking, furniture dropped, and other mishaps. With a good quality sheet vinyl, this risk is lowered.

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