Top 5 features buyers will pay more for

Top 5 features buyers will pay more for

When you’re thinking of upgrading your home, there are lots of different options that you may be considering. One of the things that should influence your decision is salability. You want the changes to your home to be viewed as improvements by potential buyers. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most attractive home features to new buyers.

Hardwood Flooring. Here at East Texas Floors, we understand the value of hardwood flooring, but how do buyers feel about it? 54% of home buyers would be willing to pay extra for hardwood flooring, with $2080 being the average amount they would pay extra. Hardwood is appealing to busier families with children or who are looking to entertain in the home since they are easier to clean.

Granite Countertops. 55% of new home buyers would pay extra for granite countertops due to a higher emphasis on a beautiful kitchen. Granite is also much harder than a lot of other countertop choices. Buyers are willing to pay on average $1620 extra for this feature.

Walk-in Closets. 60% of homeowners would pay extra for a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Walk-in closets are desired for two reasons, space and stature. A large closet allows for more organization, and it is also seen as a status symbol in the home. Homebuyers will pay around $1350 for this feature.

New Kitchen Appliances. 69% of homeowners are willing to spend more money for new appliances. This is more important for someone buying a completely new home than a lived-in home, but it is still a key feature. These features can be worth up to $1840.

Central Air Conditioning. This one might be obvious, but it’s one of the most important features of a home. Nearly 7 in 10 homeowners would pay more for central air conditioning, up to $2520!

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