When it comes to choosing carpet, there are so many choices that make it hard to decide on just one. From carpet constructions to textures, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your home or business. Follow this simple guide for choosing carpet, and if you need additional help, please contact East Texas Floors at 903-894-8453.

Carpet Fit for Areas with High Traffic

When you want a great carpet for every room of your home, one of the best choices is textured plush. It’s the most versatile when it comes to looks, and it even helps hide vacuum marks and footprints. Textured carpet is made with alternating twists of yarn and comes in a broad range of prices.

For medium traffic areas, your best bet will be textured Saxony to give the appearance of different colors. Textured Saxony also helps mask those footprints and vacuum marks. Saxony comes in many different colors and patterns to accentuate your home to the fullest. Another option would be Friezé, which offers an informal look with a soft and curly surface.

Carpet Fit for Areas with Low Traffic

For living rooms and dining rooms, choose straight saxony carpet. Saxony is refined and offers a look that resembles velvet and offers a luxurious feel. The yarn in the straight option has uniform twists and finish and is great to walk on barefoot.

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