Should I choose laminate or luxury vinyl flooring for my home?

Should I choose laminate or luxury vinyl flooring for my home?

Here at East Texas Floors, we get the above question pretty often. While vinyl and laminate flooring types are similar, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to each one. In this post, we’ll address the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an informed decision!

Cost Comparison

Laminate: Laminate flooring can be very affordable at $1.69 for a sq. ft. up to $3.99 a square foot depending on the look, feel, and warranty of the laminate you are requesting.

Vinyl: Vinyl flooring has a larger range of prices, depending on the type of vinyl purchased. Luxury vinyl plank ranges from $1.69/square foot, while luxury vinyl tile can be up to $4.19.


Laminate: Known for its rigid and strong qualities, laminate is made out of layers with the core being high-density fiberboard. Since it is made primarily from wood, it feels more like a natural wood than vinyl does.

Vinyl: Vinyl is made in layers too, but plastic layers rather than wood. Vinyl is more flexible, and feels softer when walked on if installed directly on a subfloor such as concrete or wood.

Moisture Resistance

Laminate: Laminate is only moderately water-resistant due to its wood content, though there are some completely waterproof choices with a higher price tag, such as Aqua-Step.

Vinyl: Vinyl is well-known for its water resistance, being 100% waterproof in the majority of brands. This makes it perfect for any area of your home.


Ultimately, your decision of laminate or vinyl depends on a variety of factors, though we would recommend avoiding laminate in moisture-laden areas (bathrooms or kitchens). For projects where cost is a limitation, laminate is the most affordable and comfortable.

Need More Help?

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