Protecting laminate flooring

Protecting laminate flooring

Even though laminate flooring is designed to stand up to the toughest household conditions, it still needs to be protected as much as possible because laminate is generally placed in high traffic areas.

Following these tips will help you prevent your floor from becoming unsightly and will extend the lifespan of your flooring.

1. Use protector pads on the bottom of the furniture that is frequently moved. These will have an adhesive or other fastening material on one side, and the side that touches the flooring will have felt/plastic. This will ensure fewer scratches on your flooring by eliminating any sharp edges. You can also lift furniture instead of dragging it when moving it to lessen scuff marks.

2. Use manufacturer-approved cleaning aids. A cleaning solution made for laminate is your best bet for extending the life of the floor. It is guaranteed safe for the flooring and cleans without dulling or leaving sticky residue.

3. Place entry mats at every entryway. Having a convenient area to wipe your shoes off before entering the home will reduce the risk for debris (rocks, dirt, pebbles) to scratch the laminate. Another good option is to enforce a “no-shoes” rule for your home.

4. Clean up spills ASAP! A spill of even a cup of water can be detrimental to your laminate. If liquids enter any cracks or joints in your flooring they can weaken it and cause it to warp. Make sure to dry mop any areas with standing water as soon as possible.

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