Grout cleaning and maintenance tips

Grout cleaning and maintenance tips

Grout, which is a mixture of water, sand, and cement that keeps tiles in place can get very dirty, very fast. They easily pick up dirt, bacteria, and stains and can cause problems that can be more than aesthetic. The tips below will help you clean your grout and have it back to its original condition again!

1. Clean up spills…..ASAP! You’ll hear this from us often, but make sure you clean up any spills using a dry cloth, as soon as the spill happens. This will save you time and any possible staining in your grout.

2. Don’t rely on sealing or epoxy grout to keep it clean. It won’t guarantee against surface build-up or grout discoloration. Routine cleaning is necessary, at least once a month, to ensure no outstanding build-up.

3. Invest in a heavy-duty cleaner. Whether you decide to complete your heavy-duty cleaning on your own or not, it is important to have a heavy-duty cleaning job performed. You can buy a professional-strength cleaning solution to remove grease, soap scum, and mildew at a pretty low cost, but you must follow the instructions completely to ensure its effectiveness.

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