Creating pallet walls

Creating pallet walls

When it comes to DIY projects, precision is generally the key. Pallet walls are both the rule and the exception. While the look can be distressed and randomly put together, these walls take some planning and elbow grease, but it is certainly worth the end product.

Start with your pallets. Here at East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas, we offer pallets at an affordable cost. Long gone is the inconvenience of driving all around town looking for dingy and beat up pallets. Keep in mind that an 11 x 8 wall can take up to 20 pallets, depending on precise your technique is.

The next step is to separate them and sand them down. Then, stain them using your color of choice. Once this is done, it will finally be time to prep your wall. Placing thin pieces of plywood on the wall before attachment will help you screw the slats in and keep the design flawless, but it isn’t necessary.

Obviously, some of the pallet wood will be uneven and won’t perfectly match. The key is to stain the plywood before screwing in the wood so that the gaps aren’t noticeable.

Once you’re finished drilling in all the pieces, you have a rustic and classic accent wall that is ultimately timeless. Need help with the technique? Call East Texas Floors at (903) 894-8453. We can also help you find the best flooring option to compliment your new pallet wall.