5 steps to choosing a hardwood color

5 steps to choosing a hardwood color

Once you’ve made the decision to install hardwood flooring in your home, a world of options opens. With the installation of wood flooring increasing your home’s market value in most cases, you want to make sure that the look is just right in conjunction with your home’s architecture. Follow the steps below to aid in your decision.

1. Visit your local flooring outlet. Make sure to bring in an accent of your homes, such as a paint chip, a counter sample, or even a photo of the room you are installing it in. This will aid the employee in finding some choices that coordinate with the look and feel your home already has.

2. Choose floor samples to take home with you, but make sure they are within your overall budget. Bringing home a sample that you simply cannot afford will only make your decision even harder. Because you brought your accent to the showroom, it should be relatively easy to choose 3-4 samples to bring home and mull over. This will help you decide what truly would look best in your entire home, rather than just with the item you brought in.

3. Compare your floor samples. Look at them in natural and artificial light and against walls and woodwork. You can even leave them in the room for a few minutes and then come back to judge your walk-in reaction to the room.

4. Pick your two favorite choices. Once you have your wood floors narrowed down to two, you want to compare all aspects such as cost, the look, and the hardness of that flooring. If you’re still having trouble deciding, feel free to get a third party to view the options and help with your decision.

If you need any additional help choosing the best hardwood option, please contact East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas. With a large selection of wood colors, we’re here to help in any way possible.