4 fresh flooring trends for fall

4 fresh flooring trends for fall

Looking at installing new flooring in your home? Don’t settle for boring, beige carpet or traditional wood floors when there are so many choices that you may not have considered yet. Our experts at East Texas Floors have compiled a list of some of the newest trends in the flooring industry for the upcoming season.


Gone are the days of the traditional light-brown hardwood. Ebony and darker stain colors give a rich and contemporary look for a modern feel. The challenge with any darker flooring is that marks and scuffs will show more than on a lighter flooring, so that is an important factor in your flooring decision.

Gray-stained hardwood floors are also on the rise, but make sure your installer is familiar with the color, as they can look less appealing with improper installation.


One of the hottest new trends for laminate is an extremely realistic look. For instance, the newest Mohawk flooring options are incredibly similar to their stone or hardwood counterparts. Also, homeowners are gravitating towards larger planks to capture the look of a genuine hardwood floor.


A recent new trend in the tile realm is the faux marble look. Marble is notorious for being expensive and care-sensitive, while tile can withstand wear. Tiles can also be manufactured to look like real wood and is durable in high-moisture spaces.


In the past, carpet has been a neutral area to accentuate your home’s features, but no longer! New colors and textures have emerged that allow for carpet to stand out on its own. Fashion in carpet, such as patterns, textures, and looped carpet pique the interest of house guests.

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