4 fantastic benefits of stone tile

4 fantastic benefits of stone tile

When choosing a tile flooring option, there are so many distinct and difficult choices to make. While you might gravitate towards a basic beige peel-and-stick tile, those aren’t always the best options for your home! From office tile to a full-tile home, here at East Texas Floors, we believe that natural stone tile is a unique and beautiful option.

Easy Maintenance

There really is no better flooring option that allows for minimal heavy-duty work than a properly-sealed stone tile. Stone tile areas only require a manufacturer approved cleaner and a broom to keep them looking sharp and striking. They can even be cleaned with plain, warm water!

Design Flexibility

There are more new flooring options in the natural stone area than any other kind of flooring. Stone tiles add a uniqueness to your flooring options and the come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and types. This also enhances the value of your home or business, as there will not be an exact copy of your floors anywhere else in the world.


When considering a natural stone product, your first concern may be pricing. However, because of the life span of most tile, you’ll find that the costs are certainly lower than carpet. You don’t have to replace tile in most cases, it can increase the value of your home, and the cleaning can be done by the homeowner with no special equipment.

Allergen Free

It is known fact that flooring such as carpet can hold pet dander and other allergens that take deep cleaning to remove. Stone tile eliminates the risk of allergens, as well as mildew and other bacteria growth.

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