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Boutique Lenox Park color Indigo Size 5'3x7'10

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Boutique Collection - by Shaw Floors


Series : Lenox Park   Color : Indigo

Size :5'3x7'10

The Boutique Collection is an assortment of trend-setting designs that includes global, transitional, and contemporary looks featuring two beautiful colorways, as well as gorgeous patterns--such as damask, suzani, trellis, and bold geometrics. Inspired by world travel and exotic destinations, the new Global color palette combines sun-kissed shades of gold, orange and red with turquoise and green for contrast--while beige, tan and brown round out the palette. The other marvelous color inspiration comes from the stunning plumage of the peacock. Fresh and modern, the palette combines vivid teal blue, rich indigo, aqua and citron green with netural shades of white, pale yellow, grey and brown. Machine woven in the USA of olefin that's heavy and strong, yet comfortable and soft. Yarn is heavily textured, with half-frieze and half-straight yarns. We've pushed the boundaries of design and color combinations for a collection that's energizing, spirited and inviting.

Construction: Woven Construction

Woven: Shaw Living's WOVEN rugs are created on automated weaving looms in which multiple colors of yarn are sewn into a backing material. The rugs' elaborate designs are created by the placement of the different colors of yarn.


Printed: Shaw Living's PRINTED rugs are created when a design is printed, or essentially stenciled, onto solid-color rugs.


Tufted: Shaw Living's TUFTED rugs are non-woven products manufactured on multi-needle sewing machines. They are created with varying face weights and pile heights and are designed to produce a variety of patterned and non-patterned products.

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