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$2.04 Sq Ft Knoa's Rustic Acacia Western Traditions Collection 12.3 mm


Western Traditions Collection knra501

IHD is a brand new design conception of floor making, as it comes with final solution of laminate floors more visual looking. Most laminate cover with the traffic layer and colors not appearing, which in turn looks cheaper and dull. Some companies use lower and thinner traffic layer to make colors appear, which is not safe and not reliable. IHD solution is produced to provide you rich color with higher traffic layer. Also IHD makes your laminate without white line headaches any more.

Dual Moisture Shield TM: which is 3 times more durable than regular laminate when they meet water and moisture contact.

Higher density than regular Chinese laminate plank, more durable.

Light hand scrap with EIR finishing.

All the colors in this collection have that Texas traditional look and feel

$2.04 a Sq. Ft with 18.96 sq. ft per box

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