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$2.09 Sq Ft Knoa's Maple Shadow Albion Collection 12.3 mm


Albion Collection

Dual Moisture Shield TM: which is 3 times more durable than regular laminate when they meet water and moisture contact.

Higher density than regular Chinese laminate plank; more durable.

5 layers printing technology make the flooring more natural looking , Regular laminate is 3 layers of printing. We have no repeat printing no more than 5% in each box.

Lustrous Shine Control, Albion Collection is the one which has the closest luster as wood floors sheen, and it is consistent all the time.

AC3 class anti-abrasion finishing with aluminum oxide,

Dark color Micro-Beveled with four side.

Hand scraped finish with EIR design (Embossed In Registration), giving it the sculptured textures which real wood possess.

Premium Unilin Click locking system, perfect for D.I.Y.

$2.09 Sq. Ft per box 18.57 Sq Ft per Box = $38.81 per box

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