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5 Steps to Choosing a Hardwood Color

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Once you’ve made the decision to install hardwood flooring in your home, a world of options opens. With the installation of wood flooring increasing your home’s market value in most cases, you want to make sure that the look is just right in conjunction with your home’s architecture. Follow the steps below to aide in your decision.

1. Visit your local flooring outlet. Make sure to bring in an accent of your home, such as a paint chip, a counter sample, or even a photo of the room you are installing it in. This will aid the employee in finding some choices that coordinate with the look and feel your home already has.

2. Choose floor samples to take home with you, but make sure they are within your overall budget. Bringing home a sample that you simply cannot afford will only make your decision even harder. Because you brought your accent to the showroom, it should be relatively easy to choose 3-4 samples to bring home and mull over. This will help you decide what truly would look best in your entire home, rather than just with the item you brought in.

3. Compare your floor samples. Look at them in natural and artificial light and against walls and woodwork. You can even leave them in the room for a few minutes, and then come back to judge your walk-in reaction to the room.

4. Pick your two favorite choices. Once you have your wood floors narrowed down to two, you want to compare all aspects such as cost, the look, and the hardness of that flooring. If you’re still having trouble deciding, feel free to get a third party to view the options and help with your decision.

If you need any additional help choosing the best hardwood option, please contact East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas. With a large selection of wood colors, we’re here to help in any way possible.


How to Pick the Perfect Carpet

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When it comes to choosing carpet, there are so many choices that make it hard to decide on just one. From carpet constructions to textures, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your home or business. Follow this simple guide for choosing carpet, and if you need additional help, please contact East Texas Floors at 903-894-8453.

Carpet Fit for Areas with High Traffic

When you want a great carpet for every room of your home, one of the best choices is textured plush. It’s the most versatile when it comes to looks, and it even helps hide vacuum marks and footprints. Textured carpet is made with alternating twists of yarn and comes in a broad range of prices.

For medium traffic areas, your best bet will be textured saxony to give the appearance of different colors. Textured saxony also helps mask those foot prints and vacuum marks. Saxony comes in many different colors and patterns to accentuate your home to the fullest. Another option would be Friezé, which offers an informal look with a soft and curly surface.

Carpet Fit for Areas with Low Traffic

For living rooms and dining rooms, choose straight saxony carpet. Saxony is refined and offers a look that resembles velvet and offers a luxurious feel. The yarn in the straight option has uniform twists and finish and is great to walk on barefoot.

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3 Steps to Maintaining Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they must be maintained, just like any other aspect of your home. Maintenance doesn’t have to take hours each day, in fact, below are some simple and quick cleaning methods that will ensure your flooring’s lifespan is exceeded.

1. Use Floor Protectors

Floor protectors are important to protect your flooring from unnecessary grime and damage. From furniture tips to rugs, some simple protective measures will keep you from unnecessary work. Make sure to research any products before use!

2. Practice Basic Care At Least Once a Week

You can speed up the cleaning process by initially dusting your flooring with a duster or mop, such as a Swiffer. This will pick up dust, hair, and other particles that are capable of producing deep scratches or scuffs on your flooring. After dusting, use a manufacturer approved cleaning agent for spot cleaning.

3. Deep Clean Occasionally

With grime, dirt, and oil building up over time, your basic weekly care will not completely clean it all. Consider doing cleaning seasonally, and use a heavy-duty wood cleaner according to the label and manufacturer instructions. Be careful to only use a damp cloth, as too much standing water can actually harm your flooring. In humid weather, operate a fan or AC to speed the drying of the floor.

Need help with proper cleaning of your hardwood? East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas is your one-stop shop for all of your flooring needs. We are family-owned and operated with over 27 years in the flooring business. Call us at (903) 894-8453 for more information on hardwood maintenance!

Removing Types of Carpet Stains

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When you spill a drink on your carpet, you may initially panic. The same can be said for when your beloved pet has an accident. Your heart stops, and your first thought is, “How will I ever get this stain out?” We’ve compiled a quick guide of different stains and how to solve them!

1. Water Soluble Stains. Water soluble stains include alcoholic drinks, berries, sodas, ice cream, mud, latex paint, and excrement. For these, dab the stain (never rub!), and use a simple cleaning solution made of ¼ teaspoon of detergent (non-bleach) or white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water. Let the solution sit on carpet for a few minutes, then dab to remove.

2. Other Water Soluble Stains: There are some special water soluble stains that include coffee, blood, chocolate, wine, and vomit. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water, and dab at the stain to remove. This solution should not be used on wool or wool-blend carpets, so use a mix of detergent and water for those kind.

3. Fats, Oils, and Waxes: From candle wax to bacon grease, greasy or oily stains can be a nightmare if not cleaned properly. Place a paper towel over the stain, and gently iron on a warm setting. The stain should come up off the carpet and stick to the paper towel.

Even if you don’t have any accidents, carpet should generally be thoroughly cleaned every 12-18 months. A professional carpet cleaner can be your best bet, but there are small things you can do to keep the carpet fresh during that time. Use 3 cups of borax and 1 ½ tablespoons of baking soda for a dry carpet cleaner.

East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas is your one-stop flooring provider. From installation to great deals on all types of carpet, we’re here to help in any way possible. For more information on our services, contact us today!

East Texas Floors disclaims all liability for any attempts you make to clean or launder an object, or remove stains based on information within this content. Make sure to double-check your warranty for stain removal clauses.

Maintaining Carpet- The Easy Way

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While your carpet is beautiful and comfortable, it can be a pain to properly maintain. Even the highest quality of carpet is not indestructible and can snag, tear, rip, or stain at some point. Following the tips below can help you extend the life of your carpet while saving time and money.

Use mats at all entrances! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and mats absorb soil and moisture that would otherwise be in your carpet. These are generally incredibly cheap and should be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming soiled themselves.

Prevent pile crushing when possible. The easiest way to prevent crushing is to move heavy furniture occasionally and to use coasters intended for use with carpet. Pile crushing can cause indents and discoloration of carpet that can be impossible to remove if left alone, so you want to avoid it at all costs.

Clean your carpets regularly according to manufacturer directions. If you do not follow specific manufacturer instructions, your warranty can become void. Make sure to vacuum daily in both directions, and don’t be afraid to use a professional cleaning service that uses the recommended method, such as hot water extraction. If you happen to get a stain on the carpet, try cleaning with plain water first. If plain water doesn’t remove the stain, make sure you are using approved carpet cleaner to remove it.

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Grout Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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Grout, which is the mixture of water, sand, and cement that keeps tiles in place can get very dirty, very fast. They easily pick up dirt, bacteria, and stains and can cause problems that can be more than aesthetic. The tips below will help you clean your grout and have it back to its original condition again!

1. Clean up spills…..ASAP! You’ll hear this from us often, but make sure you clean up any spills using a dry cloth, as soon as the spill happens. This will save you time and any possible staining in your grout.

2. Don’t rely on sealing or epoxy grout to keep it clean. It won’t guarantee against surface build-up or grout discoloration. Routine cleaning is necessary, at least once a month, to ensure no outstanding build up.

3. Invest in a heavy-duty cleaner. Whether you decide to complete your heavy duty cleaning on your own or not, it is important to have a heavy-duty cleaning job performed. You can buy a professional strength cleaning solution to remove grease, soap scum, and mildew at a pretty low cost, but you must follow the instructions completely to ensure its effectiveness.

Still have questions about maintaining your tile grout? Here at East Texas Floors, we are available to assist you in any way possible. Located in Tyler, Texas, we have offered hundreds of flooring options for over 27 years.

Protecting Laminate Flooring

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Even though laminate flooring is designed to stand up to the toughest household conditions, it still needs to be protected as much as possible because laminate is generally placed in high traffic areas.

Following these tips will help you prevent your floor from becoming unsightly and will extend the lifespan of your flooring.

1. Use protector pads on the bottom of furniture that is frequently moved. These will have an adhesive or other fastening material on one side, and the side that touches the flooring will have felt/plastic. This will ensure less scratches on your flooring by eliminating any sharp edges. You can also lift furniture instead of dragging it when moving it to lessen scuff marks.

2. Use manufacturer approved cleaning aids. A cleaning solution made for laminate is your best bet for extending the life of the floor. It is guaranteed safe for the flooring and cleans without dulling or leaving sticky residue.

3. Place entry mats at every entryway. Having a convenient area to wipe your shoes off before entering the home will reduce the risk for debris (rocks, dirt, pebbles) to scratch the laminate. Another good option is to enforce a “no-shoes” rule for your home.

4. Clean up spills ASAP! A spill of even a cup of water can be detrimental to your laminate. If liquids enter any cracks or joints in your flooring they can weaken it and cause it to warp. Make sure to dry mop any areas with standing water as soon as possible.

Need More Help?

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3 Steps to Maintaining Laminate Floors

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While laminate flooring is naturally very durable, it still must be maintained and cleaned properly to ensure a long lifespan. One thing that you must keep in mind is that despite the look and feel of wood or stone, laminate has to be treated differently than those materials, according to manufacturer instructions. Here are the top tips for cleaning and maintaining laminate:

1. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly (once a week at bare minimum) to prevent buildup of dirt and other materials that may damage or scratch the floor’s beautiful finish.

2. Never allow liquids to pool on your floor! If you happen to have a spill, clean it up with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Failure to clean up spills can stain the laminate and make it susceptible to additional wear and tear.

3. Mop or treat the floor with products specifically made for your type of flooring. Make sure not to wet mop the floor with soap, water, or any other liquid cleaning material not recommended. Failure to use an approved solution can cause swelling and warping, and will void your warranty.

In addition to the above essential steps, take precautions to protect your floors such as using entry mats and humidifiers/dehumidifiers.

East Texas Floors in Tyler, Texas has been the premier provider of all types of flooring, including laminate, for over 27 years. We even offer cleaning solutions for your home business flooring. For an estimate or availability of your favorite floor, call us at (903) 894-8453.

4 Fantastic Benefits of Stone Tile

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When choosing a tile flooring option, there are so many distinct and difficult choices to make. While you might gravitate towards a basic beige peel-and-stick tile, those aren’t always the best options for your home! From office tile to a full-tile home, here at East Texas Floors, we believe that natural stone tile is a unique and beautiful option.

Easy Maintenance

There really is no better flooring option that allows for minimal heavy-duty work than a properly-sealed stone tile. Stone tile areas only require a manufacturer approved cleaner and a broom to keep them looking sharp and striking. They can even be cleaned with plain, warm water!

Design Flexibility

There are more new flooring options in the natural stone area than any other kind of flooring. Stone tiles add a uniqueness to your flooring options and the come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and types. This also enhances the value of your home or business, as there will not be an exact copy of your floors anywhere else in the world.


When considering a natural stone product, your first concern may be pricing. However, because of the life span of most tile, you’ll find that the costs are certainly lower than carpet. You don’t have to replace tile in most cases, it can increase the value of your home, and the cleaning can be done by the homeowner with no special equipment.

Allergen Free

It is known fact that flooring such as carpet can hold pet dander and other allergens that take deep cleaning to remove. Stone tile eliminates the risk of allergens, as well as mildew and other bacteria growth.

For the best price on stone tile and other flooring options, contact East Texas Floors. Located in Tyler, Texas, we have a large online selection of stone tile for purchase. Have questions regarding stone tile? Call us at 903-894-8453.

4 Fresh Flooring Trends For Fall

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Looking at installing new flooring in your home? Don’t settle for boring, beige carpet or traditional wood floors when there are so many choices that you may not have considered yet. Our experts at East Texas Floors have compiled a list of some of the newest trends in the flooring industry for the upcoming season.


Gone are the days of the traditional light-brown hardwood. Ebony and darker stain colors give a rich and contemporary look for a modern feel. The challenge with any darker flooring is that marks and scuffs will show more than on a lighter flooring, so that is an important factor in your flooring decision.

Gray-stained hardwood floors are also on the rise, but make sure your installer is familiar with the color, as they can look less appealing with improper installation.


One of the hottest new trends for laminate is an extremely realistic look. For instance, the newest Mohawk flooring options are incredibly similar to their stone or hardwood counterparts. Also, homeowners are gravitating towards larger planks to capture the look of a genuine hardwood floor.


A recent new trend in the tile realm is the faux marble look. Marble is notorious for being expensive and care-sensitive, while tile can withstand wear. Tiles can also be manufactured to look like real wood and is durable in high-moisture spaces.


In the past, carpet has been a neutral area to accentuate your home’s features, but no longer! New colors and textures have emerged that allow for carpet to stand out on its own. Fashion in carpet, such as patterns, textures, and looped carpet pique the interest of house guests.

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