Should I choose Solid or Engineered Hardwood?

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While installing hardwood is an easy way to provide an improvement to your home, choosing the right type of hardwood can be difficult. One of the most common questions we get at East Texas Floors is, “What’s the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?” While the two types may look similar, there are specific differences that you should take into consideration when ch...

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Qualities of Hardwood

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While we’ve already discussed how to choose the color of your hardwood flooring, there are many other aspects of hardwood that we haven’t yet discussed. Since hardwood can be a significant investment, it’s important to have all of your facts straight before purchasing. From hardness to construction, all of these factors can be important for your choice.


You might be thinking, “It’s hardwood, doesn’t that means that it’s hard?...

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5 Steps to Choosing a Hardwood Color

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Once you’ve made the decision to install hardwood flooring in your home, a world of options opens. With the installation of wood flooring increasing your home’s market value in most cases, you want to make sure that the look is just right in conjunction with your home’s architecture. Follow the steps below to aide in your decision.

1. Visit your local flooring outlet. Make sure to bring in an accent of ...

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Why to choose a contractor for your installation

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We understand, flooring can be expensive. You might even consider completing that project on your own, using a tutorial found on https://www.pinterest.com/EastTexasFloors/" target="_blank">Pinterest that looks incredibly simple to save some money. However, there are many benefits to using a professional flooring contractor. There are several things to consider when attempting a project yourself.

Existing Flooring Condition: If your subfloor is unev...

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