Top Trends for Kitchen Flooring

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When remodeling your kitchen, choosing the flooring can be one of the most difficult decisions. While it’s easy to know what you don’t want, it can be more difficult to decide what you do want. Check out the up-and-coming flooring trends for 2015.

Tri-Color Wood Flooring

While this trend might be surprising to some, at East Texas Floors, we understand the true value of hardwood and mimicked hardw...

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Pet Friendly Flooring

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With 63% of households owning a pet, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What type of flooring is best for my pet?” While we know that we can rule out carpet due to pet accidents, sharp nails, and allergens that accumulate, it can be difficult to decide on an option that meets your needs and budget. Below are our top three flooring choices for your furry friends.


  1. Vinyl. As the most ...
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Grout Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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Grout, which is the mixture of water, sand, and cement that keeps tiles in place can get very dirty, very fast. They easily pick up dirt, bacteria, and stains and can cause problems that can be more than aesthetic. The tips below will help you clean your grout and have it back to its original condition again!

1. Clean up spills…..ASAP! You’ll hear this from us often, but make sure you clean up any spills using a dry cloth, as soon as the spill happens. Thi...

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4 Fantastic Benefits of Stone Tile

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When choosing a tile flooring option, there are so many distinct and difficult choices to make. While you might gravitate towards a basic beige peel-and-stick tile, those aren’t always the best options for your home! From office tile to a full-tile home, here at East Texas Floors, we believe that natural stone tile is a unique and beautiful option.

Easy Ma...

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4 Fresh Flooring Trends For Fall

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Looking at installing new flooring in your home? Don’t settle for boring, beige carpet or traditional wood floors when there are so many choices that you may not have considered yet. Our experts at East Texas Floors have compiled a list of some of the newest trends in the flooring industry for the upcoming season.


Gone are the days of the traditional light-brown hardwood. Ebony and darker stain colors give a rich and contemporary look for a modern feel. The challe...

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